What Is Trigeminal Neuralgia

What Is Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is a painful, chronic condition involving the trigeminal nerve. There are about 12 cases per 110,000 people in the India each year. 

There are two separate trigeminal nerves, one on each side of the face. These nerves are responsible for carrying the sensation of pain and other sensations from the face to the brain. Each nerve has three branches (forehand, midface, and chin). It’s possible to have TN of any (or all) branches. TN causes intense pain in part or all of the face.  

Symptoms of Trigeminal Neuralgia 

The pain of TN can come in sharp spasms that feel like electric shocks. Pain generally occurs on one side of the face and may be brought on by sound or touch. Pain can be triggered by routine acts, including:

  1. brushing your teeth
  2. shaving
  3. putting on makeup   
  4. touching your face
  5. eating or drinking
  6. speaking
  7. a breeze on your face